2012 Replika repliki. Animation, short
2012 Black Stork White Stork.Documentary
2010 Consuming Nature. Animation, short
2010 Land of Sand. Animation, short
2009 Prettyface. Animation director, feature
2009 Prettyface. Animator, editor, short promo
2008 Hair Monster. Animation, short
2008 Wildman. Animation/Live Action, short
2008 The Reflecting Pool. Drama, feature
2008 Littleblood. Animation, short
2007 Unfortunate Astronaut. Animation, short
2006 Slumberland. Drama, feature
2006 The Imagination Thief. Live Action, short
2005 The Bear. Live Action, short

2012 Pipsala Contemporary Art Center, Finland
2010 Pixxe, Soil Garden Project, Warsaw, Poland
2011 Pixxe, Urban Greens, Warsaw, Poland
2010 Pixxe, Railroad Garden, Warsaw, Poland
2010 Pixxe, Tiny Meadow, Warsaw, Poland
2010 SCA Gallery, Los Angeles
2010 Sarasota Film Festival, Florida
2009 DaKino Film Festival, Romania
2009 Santa Cruz Film Festival, California
2009 BUFF Film Festival, Sweden
2009 Finger Lakes Film Festival, New York
2009 Moscow Intl Film Festival for Children, Russia
2009 Clermont-Ferrand (Market), France
2009 Chapman Windows, Los Angeles
2009 Polish Film Festival, Chicago
2009 SCA Gallery, Los Angeles
2008 SCA Gallery, Los Angeles
2008 Chapman Windows, Los Angeles
2008 Gydnia Film Festival, Poland
2008 Festival d’Environnement, France
2008 Curtocircuito, Spain
2008 Olympia Film Festival, Oregon
2008 Cinekid (Market), The Netherlands
2008 Maine Film Festival, Maine
2008 Moondance Film Festival, Colorado
2008 LUCAS Film Festival, Los Angeles
2008 "The Reflecting Pool" tours US theaters
2008 American Cinemateque, Santa Monica, CA
2007 Fort Lauderdale Film Festival, Florida
2006 Gydnia Film Festival, POLAND

Grants and Awards up

2011 ę, Towarzystwo Inicjatyw Twórczych, Culture Grant
2011 CEC Artslink, Project Grant, Filmmaking
2010 Fulbright Fellowship, Filmmaking/Poland
2009 Best Short, Dakino Film Festival, ROMANIA
2008 Best Overall, Finger Lakes Film Festival, NY
2008 Columbine Award, Moondance Film Festival, CO
2008 Special Jury Prize, Polish Film Festival, Chicago
2007 Fotokem Film Grant. Los Angeles, CA
2006 Special Jury Prize. Gydnia Film Festival, Poland
2005 AAUW Career Development Grant


Hundreds of performances 1996-2003 at galleries and night clubs in Portland, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Chicago, Poland and more including: The Magic Castle (Los Angeles); Pianos, Knitting Factory, The Cooler, Mercury Lounge, Gavin Brown Enterprise, CANADA (NYC).

Other highlights
Performed in experimental music groups MATH, Duotron, DOT DOT DOT, and Sweet Thunder 1990-1997. Released approximately fifteen recordings. Composed music for several plays. Created dozens of artist’s books.


2010 Consumption in Polish Animation. Lecture, Fulbright Conference, Warsaw POLAND
2010 Art as Technology. Lecture, ASP, Warsaw POLAND
2010 Art as Play. Lecture, ASP, Warsaw POLAND
2010 Art as Consumption. Lecture, ASP, Warsaw POLAND
2007 Silver, Green, or Brown? Cannibal Worlds and Treatments of Consumption in Three Animated Films, Paper, USC
2007 A Devouring Way of Life. Paper, USC, Los Angeles
2007 The Birth of Toy TV. USC, Los Angeles
2007 Europe vs America. USC, Los Angeles
2007 Bahktin, Carnival, Svankmajer. USC, Los Angeles
2006 Where are the women in film? AAUW, Los Angeles
2005 Reinventing Cinema: Mambety, USC, Los Angeles


MFA Film Production, U. of Southern California, 2008
BS Mechanical Engineering, U. of Michigan, 1988


2004 Nerd 3004. (Jon Schnepp, director). Composer (webisode)
2004 Monotrona. Might Mun/We evil sin (K48 Volume 4)
2003 Monotrona. Canned Hamm/Platonic Friend remix (Pro-Am)
2002 Monotrona. Hawkeye & Firebird (Menlo Park)
2002 Monotrona. Hawkeye & Firebird/Cadillac Fantasy, Chic-a-go-go ST
2002 Monotrona. Hawkeye & Firebird/Tekul, Electroclash Vol. 1 (Mogul)
2000 Monotrona. Might Mun/The Creature, Momus Manhattan Folkways
1999 Arrogance (Ford Wright, director). Composer (play)
1998 Monotrona. Ooka Meets Jing Pow Ki Poo (Eerie Materials)
1998 Duotron. The Complete Book of Duotron (Scratch Records)
1997 Duotron. Duotron vs. Tom Smith (Menlo Park)
1996 Duotron. Battalia Feminil (Bulb)
1996 DOT DOT DOT. The Dot Dot Dot Story (Turkey)
1995 Duotron. We Modern! We Now! (Bulb)
1995 Duotron. Ot/Duotr (Coat-Tail)
1995 Duotron. 60-Second Compilation (Coat-Tail)
1995 Math. UFO via CIA to Mercury (Atavistic)
1995 The Tweezers. Electric Servant of Everyman (Bulb)
1995 Math. Rubber Musique (MOB)
1994 Math. Bulb/Blackjack Split (Blackjack)
1994 Math. Bask Math (Bulb)
1992 Math. Elrod’s Baby Doll Mambo (Bright Green)
1991 Math. The Delicate Ape (MOB)
1990 Juliet Armstrong. Field Recordings (MOB)


2011-present Founder
Pixxe, Eco/community art foundation, Warsaw, Poland

2004-present Co-founder / Partner
Baltazar Works, Film Production, Los Angeles, CA

2004-2007 Usability/Information Architect
DNA Studio, Interactive Advertising, Los Angeles CA

2000-2003 Creative Director (Interactive)
Interactive Edge, Software Company, New York NY

1998-2000 Project Manager (Interactive)
Interactive Edge (1999-2000); AIG, Qwest (1998-1999), New York NY

1996-1998 Proprietress (Performance Space)
“Poop Parlor” Portland OR

1991-1995 Proprietress (Performance Space)
“Milk of Burgundy” Chicago IL

Copyright 1991-2010 Jodie Baltazar and indicated parties