Go To Baltazar Works

75 minutes, color, narrative feature film.

Slumberland chronicles the unlikely odyssey of a single father and his infant son in search of the boy's grandfather.

Guilty and depressed from causing the death of his wife, Robert can't face the burden of raising his infant son, Charlie, alone. Considering himself an unfit parent (and a woeful failure in life), he gets the idea that Charlie's grandfather, Harry, would make a gallant substitute. He decides to unload the kid.

A reclusive artist whe severed ties to his family long ago, Harry is a difficult man to find. What begins as a short trip upstate becomes a crazy cross-country adventure. Along the way father and son encounter a gallery of colorful strangers and relatives, each providing a stepping-stone toward their destination.

As the road gets longer Robert’s affection for Charlie grows, but his mind starts to unravel. When he finally gets where he's going, he’s not sure he wants to be there, but the momentum of his initial plan may have carried him one intersection too far…

Directed by Jarek Kupsc
Produced by Jodie Baltazar