About Monotrona

Monotrona was a one-woman musical/performance band active from 1996 to 2003. I made my own instruments, and used drums, toys, keyboards, and in the later years canonical video game music, created tunes using an Elektron Sidstation, MC-101 Groovebox, and collaborated with others. Monotrona performed in costume as many self-styled Superbeings characters. 

These “Superbeings” took the form of marginally or partially human figures (alien, ape, madman, robot, superhero, giant, ghost, etc.) with the additional perk that they possessed (or thought they possessed) superhuman powers. They included: Gorditz from GorditzOokaJing Pow Ki PooJoey the Mechanical BoyHawkeye & FirebirdThe Might MunBurglemir Frost Giant of the Supersphere, and Nakadai the Samurai.

All artwork by the masterful Jarek Kupść.



2008 Monotrona. Burglemir, Nakadai, Might Mun (released online)
2004 Monotrona. Might Mun/We evil sin (K48 Volume 4)
2003 Monotrona. Canned Hamm/Platonic Friend remix (Pro-Am)
2002 Monotrona. Hawkeye & Firebird (Menlo Park)
2002 Monotrona. Hawkeye & Firebird/Cadillac Fantasy, Chic-a-go-go
2002 Monotrona. Hawkeye & Firebird/Tekul, Electroclash Vol. 1 (Mogul)
2000 Monotrona. Might Mun/The Creature, Momus Manhattan Folkways
1999 Monotrona. Joey the Mechanical Boy (WFMU recording posted by Tom Moody)
1998 Monotrona. Ooka Meets Jing Pow Ki Poo (Eerie Materials)