2018 * Quintuplets (Creative producer), iphone
2018 * Metric makeover/SI redefinition (Short) (Animation producer), 4k
2015 * Kliny (Wedges) (Assistant Camera), HD
2015 * Web Therapy (Web series, Poland) (Motion Graphics), HD
2013   Black Stork, White Stork (Short) (Documentary) (Co-director, Editor), SD
2016 * Prettyface (Short) (Animator, Editor) HD Red
2012   Replika Repliki (Replica of a replica) (Short) (Director, Editor, Animator), HD
2010   Land of Sand (Short) (Director, Animator), HD
2008   The Reflecting Pool (Producer, Cinematographer), SD
2008   Wildman (Short) (Director, Writer), 35mm HD Finish
2008   Littleblood (Short) (Director) HD
2008   Blastoman (Writer), unproduced screenplay
2008 * Moonrock & Lighter Fluid (Short) (Producer), HD
2007   Hair Monster (Short) (Director, Animator), SD
2007   Unfortunate Astronaut (Short) (Director, Animator), HD
2007   Bone Pirate (Short) (Co-director, Writer), SD
2006   Slumberland (Producer, Cinematographer), SD
2006   Edie, Pokey & Kit (Short) (Producer, Writer), 16mm
2006   The Imagination Thief (Short) (Director, Writer), 16mm
2005   Collaborators (Director, Writer), SD
2005   The Lost Grenadier (Director, Writer), SD
2005   The Talk Machine (Director, Writer), SD
2005   The Bear (Director, Writer), SD
2004 * Nerd Hunter (Composer) (as Jodie McCann), SD