Hungry for Green Warsaw (Głodni Zielonej Warszawy) is a unique guide that explores Warsaw by looking at its edible plants and the places to find them. The book includes detailed descriptions and engravings of over 80 edible and medicinal plants as well as charming profiles of each neighborhood in the city, including a “green” map, as well as recipes and an extremely well-researched section on the safety of eating urban plants. Written in collaboration with Paulina Jeziorek, Jodie’s partner in Jadalnia Warszawa, the book is a culmination of over seven years of work and collaboration in which the duo explored and mapped the wilder zones of the capital city.


Writer: Jodie Baltazar
Collaborator: Paulina Jeziorek
Book designer: Magdalena Piwowar
Maps: Ryszard Piwowar
Editor: Piotr Markowski
Project director: Agnieszka Szulajewska

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This book is only available in Polish.

Publication information

2018, 326 pages, Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego

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