Jadalny Służew (Mapping the Valley)

Jadalny Służew (Mapping the Valley) was a project to explore, map, and create a collaborative artwork with local residents that would illustrate the wealth of edible plants growing in the area surrounding the Służew Culture House. The project was initiated by Jadalnia Warszawa and the Wspólny Ogród.

About the project

Through Jadalnia Warszawa’s activities in the Wspólne Ogród in 2014, we became acquainted with the area’s rich biological life. To the south of the culture center is a valley with a little stream. There a huge number of fruit trees grow, a remnant of a previous time when the area was covered with orchards and gardens. Throughout 2014, several walks had been led in this area. To the north, sits a residential area with plenty of green space. These walks inspired us to make a new kind of map.

Jodie and Paulina created and printed out large-scale paper maps of the neighborhood and from 2015 – 2016 conducted expeditions in a series of walks and also individually, going sector by sector to locate and mark edible plants. A bare form of the map illustrating only outlines of streets and buildings was printed onto several pieces of linen. 

Starting in January 2016 and continuing through January 2017 a rotating group of participants met twice monthly. Together nearly 30 people worked together to design and embroider the locations of edible greens, fruit bushes and trees, roots, and medicinal plants. The map was stitched together and is now on permanent exhibition in the culture house.


Artists: Agnieszka Kosiec, Agnieszka Obszańska, Agnieszka Wrzak, Aneta Rajca, Aneta Raketa, Asia Jeziorek, Babs Główczewska, Dominika Kużnicka, Dorota Podlaska, Elżbieta Czerwińska, Elżbieta Mierzecka, Joanna Jasna, Jodie Baltazar, Katarzyna Kwiecinska, Klaudia Chmielecka, Kornelia Mądry, Krystyna Skotniczna, Lena Bartoszewicz, Magda Jaworska, Małgorzata Milosz, Marta F. Sitarska, Monika Drozynska, Natalia Mika, Ola Siemińska, Paulina Gradkowska, Paulina Jeziorek, Pola Główczewska, Robert Bęza, Weronika Galdamer
Where: Warsaw, Poland
When: 2015- 2017