Nakadai is a number one Samurai. He has lived alone in a great green forest for many years. He scares away anyone who comes near. He can’t help it. He’s a ghost and he’s supposed to scare people! But one day, someone puts an old Pacman video game in the forest and Nakadai lightens up … 

Background: Sayonara Monotrona

“Nakadai the Samurai” was the last Monotrona character and was put together quickly in December 2002 for The Bubblegum Music Festival at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles organized by Miss Kelly Kuvo (show above). I had been interested in European armour for along time, but when I found Japanese armour, I became enamored with its beautiful craftsmanship. I am also a big fan of yurei, yokai, and kaiju in Japanese visual culture. The songs and performance were oriented for kids, though no kids ever saw it! The character was named after the great Japanese actor Tatsuya Nakadai.

I ended up performing this show a few times into 2003 before giving birth in April. The performance below was taken when I was +7 months pregnant, which is quite obvious. It was very hard to breathe! I nearly slipped off the stage at one point — thanks to a kind young’s woman bosom, I did not die. The character also made an appearance in the film Slumberland by Jarek Kupść. Two songs featured music (and lyrics) by the band Mr. Pacman and another by Palsecam. Thank you Mr Pacman for letting me sing your songs. Thank you Mariko for helping me with the Japanese. Thank you Palsecam for letting me use your cool music.


Samuari Ghost
There is a kind of ghost
He moves like mist in the forest
He creeps around; he seeps in your bones
He will cut you down with his sword before you know

Samuari see you, Kitaro e ko (???)
But Nakadai will get you, so go man go!

There is the one called Nakadai
One deadly dangerous Samurai!

Music by Palsecam

Pacman Densu
sore sore odore (Dance!)
ike ike odore (Don’t dance!)
ka se to asobe (Let’s play!)
u mi to asubu toki (Through the night!)
pacuman bu to bu (Pacuman you’re number 1)
pacuman o do ri hodai
hiru mo yodu mo
pacuman i kasuteru
o re gai ko wai no ka
o re gai kaichida
o re gai i kasuta
o re gai i ka pacuman

Words and music by Mr. Pacman

Pacman Birthday
ii da ro (That’s fine)
ii yo ne (It’s good)
ii to ne (It’s nice)
ii ne (So nice)

kyoo wa kimi o tanjobi!
Happy Birthday Pacuman
o tanjobi pacuman, omedeto!

Words and music by Mr. Pacman



Pacman Birthday
Samuari Ghost 
Pacman Densu


This music was never recorded for release.