Poor, poor Ooka ape man! He used to be a regular fellow but was hunted by a group of apes who put a gorilla suit on him. It was a nefarious gorilla suit, and he could never get it off! He’s both a fake man and a fake ape. Nobody likes him and especially not the ladies. Yes,  Ooka is clumsy and stupid, a monster, neither Man nor Beast who has no place in our world and knows it. If you encounter this abomination proceed with extreme caution, but please try to remember that a tender soul may still reside within.


OOKA was created in Portland, Oregon in the fall of 1996, and performed only a handful of times live. Let’s face it: I am in love with our primate siblings, especially gorillas and orangutans. Chimps are okay. For this performance, I built a sine wave generator, a square wave generator, and used a Wollensack tape recorder with ungodly sounds run through ancient loudspeakers. The drums in this set-up included a heat sink, a propane tank, and marching drums mounted on homemade stands.


King of the Men
I was captured by a group of apes disguised as a group of men
They came into my window and took me away with them
We flew in a plane in the sky and landed in a tree
The apes took off all my clothes, put a gorilla suit on me

But it wasn’t just a suit! Oh no! ‘Twas a surgical operation!
Now since I’ve had this costume on I can’t get it off my person!
Oo! Ah! Ee!

They told me I was King King King, kinger than any man
They told me I was twice as strong and my arms now twice as long
They said that I could kill, kill, kill. Kill with complete impunity
Cuz almost no one ever heard of an ape murdering!

See there’s a big conspiracy to rearrange the species
To turn gorillas into men and put the men back in the trees
But now, I’ve got a lot of business on my mind,
a lot of #$^&*% monekyshine. Heh, heh.
And there’s one trick I’m about to play–
gonna wipe out the whole human race!

Hey Lady
Ooka thought the man inside of him was still a tender man
And he tried to make friends with the people before he killed them
In case maybe then he would not want to kill them

He went up to a lady and he said, “Hey lady! Hey lady! Hi! Hi!”
But the lady did not like him
She was afraid of him

Ooka fools the dogs, but he cannot fool a woman
But what about the gorilla woman?
Ooka is afraid she will know his skin is artificial and his eyes don’t glow

He went to a lady gorilla and said, “Hey lady! Hey lady! Hi! Hi!”
But she was afraid of him, too.

Yesterday was Good
Yesterday was good!
I was the smartest creature on the planet
Then the human came and took that away from me

He ate us, and he ate our brains!

The human is a hairless degenerate
He is not a native of this planet
I was once a member of his tribe
So I know he does not deserve to live

I Hate Humans (Human, stay away from me, please!)
Human, stay away from me, please
I hate your human smell and grief
You’re too pretty and kind and weak for me
I hate humans and all human things

Human I came to show you
I’m not like your mama told you
I’m big and dark and mean, it’s true
But your mama forgot to tell that I hate you

Human what you doing still here?
I’m tired of your pity and your fear
Don’t you know I’m going to kill you if you come near
Human get away from here!

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Title: Ooka meets Jing Pow Ki Poo
Label: Eerie Materials
Year released: 1998 
Recorded by:
Larry Crane, Jackpot! Recording Studio, Portland, OR. September, 1997