Staff Only

Director Katarzyna Kalwat invited immigrants who live in Warsaw – artists and actors/actresses from various countries and cultures, to participate in the performance. The team wanted to confront the feeling of alienation and the need for redefinition of the identity of an actress/ actor – a resident of Poland. The performance originated from the need to integrate the immigrant artists. It’s an attempt to expand the notion of the national acting practices and redefine the national culture. Can theatre become the new Tower of Babel?

“‘Staff Only’ is not just an attempt to draw attention to the problems of immigrants-artists in our country. It is also a very specific proposal to make the change and break down some barriers.” 
— Magdalena Figzał-Janikowska,

’Staff Only’ astonishes the audience with the absurd, fun, humor and provocation. At times it resembles the Dadaistic Cabaret Voltaire. It intrigues with the aesthetic freedom, masterful play on eccentric instruments, palette of the costumes, spontaneity of the improvisations and irony.” 
— Krystyna Duniec, Dwutygodnik

Cast: Carlos Fernando Dimeo Alvarez, Jodie Baltazar, James Malcom, Ifi Ude

direction, set and costume design: Katarzyna Kalwat
dramaturgy: Piotr Grzymisławski
text: Beniamin Bukowski
music: Wojciech Blecharz
director’s assistant: Piotr Pacześniak
project coordinator: Ela Petruk